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Why Choose Us

DT Systems, one of the largest medical transcription outsourcing service provider to clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers across the US.  Our services are being used by individual and group practitioners, community health centers and bigger clinics in almost all major areas of medical practices.  All transcription work is done by highly experienced US-based medical transcribers to provide high quality medical typing solutions. 
Key features include:

  • US based typing by experienced medical transcribers.
  • Provides secure, accurate, internet based transcription services.
  • High quality and affordable 12-hour turnaround.
  • All files are delivered electronically and the physician may get access to his/her files anywhere and anytime. 
  • Good document management system thereby providing top notch access to files.
  • Efficient distribution capabilities including on-line editing, keyword full-text search access and much more.
  • Data retention facility – last one year old files.
  • Commitment to provide higher quality – 99.5%, a 4-level quality check before all documents is delivered. 
  • Improved patient care with lower overhead costs.



*Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are the key goals for the organization.   We provide solution to our customers and not a service. 

* We offer latest digital dictation medical transcription services and electronic signatures facilities using encrypted software approved by AMA and AAMT. 

* You are a name and not an I.D. number to us. Personal attention at ALL times (24/7/365).

* Your own account manager will be always available to you. 

* We will help you save a lot of money.

You will no longer be paying for:

> Hourly wages/permanent multiple transcriptionists who during slow periods have no work. 
> Vacation time when no work is accomplished.
> Sick time when no work is accomplished
> Health benefits
> Taxes/social security. 
> Retirement plans 
> 401k 
> Short/Long term disability Insurance
> Unemployment Insurance 

DT Systems is always known for its lesser cost and excellent results. That's a promise and we stand by it!

DT Systems LLC is owned and operated by a physician himself, Dr. Jagpreet Mukker. We run business with values and morals because we do our job because we love doing it.

Join our vow today so your job will be easier Today, Tomorrow, Next Day and so on....